About us

We are dedicated to enabling learning Dutch, as naturally and smooth as can be.
Taal2 supports you mastering the Dutch language with

  • Tutorials, in which grammar and links between languages are explained, both showing real life occasions where you’ll meet the vocabulary.
  • Audios, with which you can learn Dutch while commuting, or having a walk in the park.
  • Exercises, to use the vocabulary and grammar taught.

Besides the web-based share you’ll meet with a trainer, to use what you’ve learned. In these sessions the trainer will motivate you, analyses your progression and struggles, shows personal tips and tricks depending on your learning style and personality, to help you to master Dutch.

The vocabulary to learn is selected with over 15 years of experience, working with students, from all over the world. This set is selected while teaching students in different levels and positions, having different objectives, using different styles and is tested for the same goals. Knowing this vocabulary, these phrases and routines, you’ll feel confident to encounter conversations in general, with friends and business related, since you know this is the right way, people will understand you well and what you say and write is polite.
We can proudly say, we’ve supported over 400 students to gain their Dutch citizenship documents and even more in the next steps in their career.

The Taal2 aim is easy: no nonsense, use the Dutch knowledge you see and hear daily.
Every aspect to learn is well considered, in perspective of practical use. Taal2 guarantees an effective and efficient progression. You’ll feel your progression immediately, also starting at zero.
The site offers you the opportunity to learn yourself, with tutorials, audio’s, theory explained and assignments. So, you can learn where and when it suits you best. Of course having a conversation on your own is a bit peculiar, but please do so, while cycling or taking a shower, for instance. Taal2 combines the web-based practicality with one-on-one conversation lessons, to motivate you to talk.

The Taal2 method is unique. We wanted to combine the best of both worlds, for a fair price.
We first would like to get to know you. In that order we’ll set up an intake interview. In this interview, we ask about your current level, your objectives, your preferences learning a language. Feel free to ask your questions about Taal2, of course. Informed by this conversation, we construct your training.
You can learn when and where you want, feeling the deadline and motivation of a meeting with a trainer. There is no book involved, so exercises and assignments are always up to date. The trainer helps you to overcome difficulties, instantly of your preference, customized.

The trainers are committed to helping learning Dutch, the best way for you. They are all native speakers and have a Master’s degree in Dutch language / linguistics. They’ve worked with students from all over the world (though not all nationalities yet), with different goals and styles, who’ve taught them a lot. The trainers have worked with students in several sectors, like health care, engineering, finance, consulting. This results in over 15 years of experience and best practices, you’ll be working with.

Dutch courses
We’re here to support you as a starter, an intermediate or an advanced Dutch speaker. We’ve designed a lesson when you would like to start talking Dutch with colleagues at the coffee corner, or to confidently give a presentation about statistics and numbers to the client.

All courses are designed to getting you ready for the official exams.

A1 course, the profound start. What a delight to be able to understand what people are saying to you (or your kids), and announcements in case of a public transport delay. You can join daily conversation!

A2 course, pass the current Inburgeringsexamen (citizenship exam) successfully. Besides focussing on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, Taal2 also pays attention to KNM and ONA. Not only for the exams, but to practice Dutch and get to know the Dutch too (though we have some really weird habits, incomprehensible, I suppose).

B1 courses, OMG, people are starting to speak Dutch to you, and they talk that quick! You want to respond adequately, so you need clear grammar and vocabulary, to construct in a split second the right sentence structure. 

In the courses you’ll learn vocabulary, practical grammar constructions and routines, that are always adequate, correct and polite. You’ll understand work files and actualities.


  • A2-B1 general and / or
  • A2-B1 business related

After completing a A2-B1 course, you’re ready to take the Staatsexamen B1 (programma I).

B2 courses, independent and knowing more about Dutch language than a native (except for your trainers of course). Sometimes someone checks your messages, and you want to do without, since it takes time. Also, for the next step with family (in laws), friends or in your career, you need to trust on your Dutch skills, to enable you to focus on the content of the conversation.


  • B1-B2 general and / or
  • B1-B2 business related

After completing a B1-B2 course, you’re ready to take the Staatsexamen B2 (programma II).

C1 course, wow. Wow. Your work environment is almost completely in Dutch. It’s important in your career, to understand your colleagues and clients flawless, and vice versa. Sometimes you miss a word or an expression, or everybody is talking at the same moment. At these moments it is complicated to take part in a conversation. Next you also want to master nuances, that make the difference, to control communication. You want to speak Dutch habitually.

Arrange an appointment with our certified trainers

Please select your preferred date and time when we may contact you.

Time management

Simply pick a moment that suits your best for your one-on-one lesson. But don’t wait too long because the longer you wait, the longer it will take to impress your Dutch peers.


We are continuously improving our skills to help you feel like we’re sitting next to you whilst explaining how to read, write and talk in Dutch. We’re getting pretty good at it, but we want you to be the judge :0)

Easy to use

You can improve your Dutch skills whilst commuting, hiking, or walking the dog. Taal2 is available wherever you are so there’s no excuse not to brush up your Dutch skills.

Learn Dutch from zero to hero

We have developed practical, hands-on trainings to confidently achieve your goals, both casual and business related.